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  • Investor Connect hits 1,000,000 June 2, 2023
    According to AA investor connect program has hit 1million members. I, perceived this personally by thinking … “I have xxx shares … and what if each one person. Of the million, does. They clearly love this company”. Now factor in those who are not, part of the program. As well as shares with institutions and […]
  • Fake News June 2, 2023
    Gotta love Pulte submitted by /u/JadedMSK [link] [comments]
  • You just had to be there. Showed up on my Facebook stories. Beautiful times. I did hold strong through it too bois. June 2, 2023
    submitted by /u/Gerthbrooks69 [link] [comments]
  • APES across the globe, I can feel it can you. Much love to you all ! June 2, 2023
    I loved reading this article. Ppl have pushed down amc so bad this last 2 years I have been in this, and honestly what was speculated back then is slowly but surely coming to fruition. We are many on this journey and its the hardest journey I've ever embarked on. There is a saying. All […]
  • Really?? 5th! They aren't even trying. June 2, 2023
    There was so many buy remondarions in this BS "article". 5 worse and 20 we are shilling. Of course the obligatory WSB banner to give weight. What a joke. HODL I plan on eating a shit ton of popcorn this summer. U get a bucket, u get a bucket!! submitted by /u/MIAxpress [link] [comments]
    I gave it 10/10. Go watch it! submitted by /u/otown9876 [link] [comments]

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