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  • Has anyone else noticed Fidelity buying fractional shares? April 12, 2024
    I typically made bulk purchases. I was a XXXX holder before reverse split. But every purchase was always a multiple of 10. These numbers just dont make sense. Does anyone have any insight or explanation? submitted by /u/Juan-Too-Tree-8P [link] [comments]
  • Friendly Reminder That April 12, 2024
    Disney+ has yet to turn a profit, and all other streaming services are having to introduce ads to not be at a money loss. Even Twitch is losing large amounts of cash without running ads. Do you have ads running in the middle of your movies in the theatre? Nope. Does AMC have a rising […]
  • When do we start doing the fucking? April 12, 2024
    My ass hurts. submitted by /u/PsychologicalGrand79 [link] [comments]
  • Short interest 25% (recalculated) April 12, 2024
    Yesterday's short volume was 75.20%.(!) My logic is, every percentage point above 50% short volume should increase the short interest %, since you can't close all short positions you opened, when they represent more than 50% of the shares traded in total. Since 3/18/24 AMC had not a single day where the short volume was […]
  • Joke's on you! We are Apes. April 12, 2024
    submitted by /u/GashDem [link] [comments]
  • Look at the comments being down voted April 12, 2024
    Write anything positive about amc and it is down voted in the comments instantly. Now just think about it, who would actually go in here, spend time down voting positive comments if not bots or shills. Lets say somebody wanted to sell and move on (Right before Q3 and the non stop profitable quarters after […]

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